Support -- until it hurts

The unabated killings of drug pushers and traffickers alike which has now reached over 800 killed nationwide, and within one month of the Duterte administration seems to be the “new normal” these days.

Soon, drug-killings will be relegated to the inside pages of broadsheets and tabloids even as the restoration of the death penalty, the re-passage of the divorce bill, and the revision of our Constitution are fast-emerging and urgent national issues.

Without batting an eyelash, all these are among the interests of the new Duterte administration. Is this the interest of 100 million Filipinos ?. According to Duterte, if it is, then let it proceed. If it is not in the interest of the Filipinos, then drop it, “stopit!”

But the super majority of Duterte in the House could easily outmatch an apparent independent Senate. And if under a Constitutional assembly (con-ass) with both houses voting as one, very easily the three fourths vote can achieve easy victory.

Thus, death penalty, divorce, a new Charter and what have you can be achieved by the apparent “desires” of one President and his house-super majority. Don’t blame RRD, you 16 million Filipinos elected him to make bold decisions. Those concerned will have to be responsible for what they have voted for.

What is a valid issue is that Duterte’s predecessors failed to address the real needs of the masses. And so Duterte’s election battle cry rang very loud and clear, and won the resounding vote of the confidence for Duterte, 91% credibility rating per SWS survey, the highest in history.

And true, this country has lagged so much behind among the other Asian countries in socio economic aspects, so much so that we have a lot to catch up with. And Duterte is determined to achieve that—— even if he has to cut corners. (and kill people)

Will we allow him to cut corners? Well, if 16 million said Yes to Duterte, the rest of the oppositors if there are enough, will have to bow down to the majority. At least Democracy’s heart is still beating the cry for freedom and independence in this country.

Let’s all support it then, —until it hurts.

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