The vests are back

At long last, the search for the missing bulletproof vests for the police is now over. It was “returned to sender” through its courier.

After searching from all corners of city hall and thereabouts, the controversial missing bullet proof vests for the city police has been returned No need to be personal. The important thing is the vests are back.

The City Council blue ribbon committee headed by Councilor Mike Bandal reported that his committee received a reply from Cong. Manuel Sagarbarria informing him that the bullet proof vests which were missing, were already returned to “sender” meaning, the courier of the vests Mrs Elsie Lee who was requested by donor Mr Gorospe from the U.S.A. to donate the vest for the city police use. Six vests were returned.

The vests although turned over in November and physically to the then mayor Sagarbarria, it was not covered with donation papers nor with an authority of the Sanggunian for Sagarbarria to receive the donated items.

Therefore Sagarbarria returned it to the courier of the items so that believing and following proper procedures these “rituals| can be complied with and to make the donation official and legal.

On the other hand Sagar who revealed the identity of the one who returned the vests, could have just returned it to the mayor’s office with the info that it was not yet covered with a formal deed of donation.

Well ,the November turnover last year must have been done post haste as among friends, —so much so that the formalities were dispensed with. But under the Remollo administration, if the vests were not missing when he assumed, it could have been tolerated. But since it was missing initially, a search had to be made and surprisingly for a long time, when all the time, it was just around the corner so to speak.

As of the moment, the city council is seeking confirmation if Mrs Lee indeed has the vests now as returned according to Sagar’s letter to the blue ribbon committee and SP Secretariat.

Once confirmed, the vests will be formally donated to the city police, in a deed of donation by the donor, and a sanggunian resolution giving authority for the city mayor to receive the bulletproof vests which is intended for urgent use in the anti drug campaign of the city police.

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