Virtual sitting ducks

The most effective way to hunt noisy motorcycles is not to catch them and chase them in the streets especially in the wee hours of the morning. But the best way to catch noisy motorcycles is when these are parked in malls, in sidewalks, in the markets and places of work where they are virtual sitting ducks.

All the enforcers have to do is to move around and inspect those parked motorcycles and look for tampered and adulterated silencers and mufflers.

Thereupon when sighted as parked, these will be chained unto themselves so when the owner returns they cannot move it. This is the easiest way and the fastest to establish with fairness, a prima facie case against violators. That will be the time when traffic enforcers will confront them and challenge the owners to start their motors and see if these are noisy or not. In most likelihood when the silencers are tampered, these usually small 50cc motorbikes will be very noisy and liable for the ordinance violations.

This is the most peaceful and civilized way unlike in Davao where enforcers destroy the tampered silencers. This is the best way, instead of running after and chasing them, thus endanger lives and limbs.

Of course traffic enforcers should be trained how to detect noisy motorbikes even if these are parked. If the owners cannot replace their tampered silencers, and exhaust pipes, then these will be prima facie evidence for immediate impounding until the owner will replace it with the proper silencers and government will confiscate the tampered silencers lest these be just recycled and it will become a useless vicious cycle.

Moreover, the City too should be ready to file counter charges in case of harassment suits. All they have to do is to prepare legal templates of counter charges to speed up things. There will be volunteer lawyers and senior law students who are only willing to help.

Unless there is a more effective and simple humane way to stop noisy motorcycles in the city, we are sure the city government will be willing to listen to other wiser suggestions.

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