Walking the talk

It is time to stop talking and WALK THE TALK among all elected officials who formally assumed office last Friday, July 1, after the terms of the previous administration ended on June 30.

Despite the many unfinished businesses from lack of budget to pending political, administrative and criminal election cases, it is time to focus on the job ahead of every elected official and let all pending cases take its course in accordance with law and due process. Nothing can run faster now.

The incoming Duterte administration is a new experience in our democracy, short of Martial rule. Perhaps this is now what the Filipinos are waiting for : a benevolent dictator. Benevolent in the sense that President Duterte has been discovered to be a compassionate man for the masses, but is super (sobra) strict and firm against the corrupt, and the criminals whom Duterte has given enforcers “shoot to kill” orders if they resist arrest and defy the law. He dares to cut edges with human rights advocates which make the whole enterprise exciting.

On the local scene, we have a super new city mayor who finally came back with a majority in the city council composed mostly of 6 lawyers. They must not fail in putting back Dumaguete on its feet, now that the people brought them back to local power.

Big job ahead too for Lupad – Dumaguete team on whom the people cast their lot.

Finally, still-beleaguered are the capitol officialdom with the executive who is under hold-orders via TRO-ante for his dismissal by the Ombudsman, and a super Board majority who are still out to block all things illegal in their senses. Plus a dismissed provincial treasurer and accountant who are also battling it out in court. And a vice governor who took his oath thrice, and “shuttled” from being sworn as governor and back to vice governor all in ten days, one for the books indeed.

Long story short, we say, a 3-year term is too short for a good leader, but too long for the corrupt and the morons.

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