Without firing a single shot

At the close of holiday hours on Wednesday, July 6, the unprecedented list of those who voluntarily gave up their vices of using and pushing for illegal drugs in the streets, reached a record high of 2,010 according to the latest police count——done peacefully and without firing a single shot.

This figure is based on a town by town tally of user-pusher surenderees who voluntarily went to their respective police stations to be booked and given mugshots just for the record. But no charges were filed, only their vital statistics recorded.

This is under the nationwide hunt for the drug users, pushers, and suppliers from the so-called street peddlers to the bodegeros who sell over 200 grams of shabu every week.

During the week, too, the No. l drug bodegero of Negros Oriental with links with Jaguar and other big time drug traffickers was gunned down in the heart of druglandia called Calindagan in Dumaguete.

But without waiting to be arrested with a warrant, or caught en flagrante, or end up meeting an “accident” on the road, the 2,010 (as of July 6) users and pushers of illegal drugs in most towns and cities of Negros Oriental voluntarily “surrendered” themselves to their respective police stations and signed an “Oath of Free Will” to stop the use and push of illegal drugs.

No charges were filed against them, but they were given mugshots and included in the police rogue files just in case they will commit a drug-related crime in the future.

According to PSSupt Harris Fama, provincial PNP director in a text blast to the CHRONICLE, as of July 1 to July 6, 2016, the following is the breakdown of surenderees in Cities /Municipalities as pushers/users- (PS means police station)

Canlaon City PS -3; Vallehermoso PS- 35; Guihulngan CPS-386; La Libertad PS-23; Jimalalud PS-1; Tayasan PS- 54; Ayungon PS-32; Bindoy-24; Manjuyod PS-19; Mabinay PS-17;

Bais CPS-147; Tanjay CPS-185; Pamplona PS-13; Amlan PS-89; San Jose PS- 131; Sibulan PS-448; Dumaguete CPS- 11; Valencia PS- 6; Bacong PS- 7; Dauin PS- 123; Zamboanguita PS-55; Siaton PS- 12; Sta Catalina PS-17; Bayawan CPS-119; Basay PS-56.

The pusher/ users voluntarily surrendered thru Project Double Barrel and Oplan Tokhang and Rodrigo R. Duterte and the new PNP Chief PDG Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.

We say kudos to the victory at first base. With this capital city bagging only 11 surenderees we are sure that there are still the harder ones lurking under level 2 or 3 in the drug totem pole.

We credit this nationwide haul to President Duterte’s political will. We hope his advocacy to stop the drug menace in 6 months will be realized. Surely the people would like to see what’s at the end of the tunnel by six months in January next year.

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