A Notre Bonne Mere Maitresse
by Rev. Fr. Roman C. Sagun, Jr.

The caption is the French greeting of a shipboard diary in February 1905 by Sister Ange Marie Bannier, SPC ad dressed to Mother Candide Cousin. The summary of her diary from Saigon to Dumaguete is as follows:

Good Mother,

I think it will please you, and it will also be pleasant for the Sisters in the Novitiate, though the majority do not me, to give you a brief summary of our trip. Our mission will interest them more, specially since we have the honor and the good fortune of being the first Sisters of St. Paul to enter the islands of Oceania, and everything we will be able to tell about them will be new.

On Thursday, October 20, seven Sisters left Saigon for the Philippine Islands: Sister Marthe de St. Paul, our good Superior; Sister Anna de la Croix; Sister Marie Louise de Sacre-Coeur; Sister Marie Josephine, a young American who speaks English and French perfectly, plays the piano, the harmonium, and the mandolin, and who is a very good worker; Sister Catherine de Genes, who speaks five languages fluently: French, English, Portuguese, Annamite, and Chinese (she is from Macau); Sister Charles, one of our Chinese Sisters, good, pious, devoted, a real small treasure, dexterous as a fairy; and lastly, your humble servant. (To be continued)

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