A covenant
by Msgr. Gammy D. Tulabing JCD, PC

A pact, a compact, a concordat these are some of the serious and sublime equivalents of a “Covenant” drawn from the Latin word “convenire” which means to forge a bond, to make a vow. A Covenant wherefore, is definitely more than but an agreement, more than a mere contract.

There is certainly an agreement to get married usually followed by actual entrance into a marriage contract. But neither a mere agreement nor a plain contract equals the reality of marriage. While even but the very ordinary or common phenomenon of “Buy and Sell” clearly implies a contract, especially on in conjunction with material assets, marriage however is categorically and definitely very much more in significance, implications and consequences than a mere contract.

The connotation of a “Covenant” is not only formal but also profound—just as it is neither simply a consensual understanding just like in commercial transactions nor maerely an agreed upon bilateral commitment. A “Covenant” both implies and includes such noble human attributes as integrity and loyalty, honest and commitment.

Cheats, liars, misfits and the like are categorically not the proper characters in an honest to goodness “Covenant”. This particular human venture has rather profound significance and sublime features. This is precisely why marriage is said to be nothing less than a “Covenant” –given its distinct nature and eminent rationale.

The thought itself that a “Covenant” is a pact or a compact, brings to mind a unique Filipino cultural observance of the so called “Blood Compact” in the times long passed. Among other distinct and impressive features of such a Filipino distinct venture was that the consensual bond made was sealed by nothing less than the blood of the parties concerned—such that there was even some kind of a mixture of their blood that implied binding and insoluble sealed agreement of accord or concord. While blood compact are no more done during these times, marriage however still remains a “Covenant”. (To be continued)

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