I will meet your every need through
My eternal riches in Jesus

Our God and Father has promised to meet our every need according to the vast riches in the glorious storehouse of heaven that is in Jesus Christ. In an orphan world system that makes people feel all alone and responsible to claw and scratch for everything they get, this is really good news!

Our God knows what we need before we need it and He delights to provide for us what we need...when we need it. Whether a felt need or a spiritual one, our Heavenly Dad is a Father who provides for His kids. In this particular passage, Paul is writing to the Philippians and is thanking them for the gift that they sent to help further the work of the kingdom.

Paul is encouraging them that as they have been obedient to share what they have, God will continue to pour in heavenís resources when they need it. While we may not have an ample bank account stored up on earth, we can rest in the fact that we have access to the true eternal riches that are stored up in heaven for us through the glorious riches in our elder brother, Jesus Christ.

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