My greatest treasurer

In January 1991, my officemate, Perci, invited me to their weekly prayer meet ing. I obliged and joined their worship and listened to the talk. During the shar ing portion, I had the boldness to share, I feel that this is where I belong. I felt I was home and they were my family.

Through the years as a member and servant of a Christian Renewal Movement, IN The Light of Jesus Family, Ive learned a lot from the teachings, seminars, workshops and trainings of the community. Ive served in various ministries. Ive found God in people Ive met and in the service that I do.

How I appreciate Catholics reaching out to learn more and dig deeper into and study the Word of God in the Bible. This is where God speaks directly to people.

I believe that I have found my greatest treasure a personal relationship with God who loves me unconditionally, who forgives me unendingly, who searches genfor me untiringly, in a community that helps me in my journey to holiness and wholeness. Meann Tee (

The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field which a person finds Matthew 13:44

Reflection: What do you value most in life? Have you found your greatest treasure? God is searchable and reachable. He is waiting for you to receive His love and forgiveness.

Father, thank You for helping me find my greatest treasure You.

May I help others find theirs, too. Amen.

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