When I was young, I used to play priest, i.e., pari-parian. I would cover a table with curtains and call my friends and cousins. We would buy Coke and Fita biscuits and these would be our bread and wine. You can just imagine how everyone would wish it was communion time already. This got me thinking:

Why do we call it pari-parian? Because after the play, I was no longer a priest. It was only temporary. Could this be the reason why in Filipino we call our possessions ari-arian? Everything that we have is temporary. Even the very life we have is simply an ari-arian.

A time will come when we have to turn it over to the Lord of Life.

Systemic Tax evasion

Since the olden days, the rich have been taking advantage of the poor, and it is no different today. This is indefensible. The same is true of systemic tax evasion. We have a responsibility to pay the right taxes for the common good of society. If politicians steal money through their corrupt practices, then let them be accountable to God. This is the nature of the call to holiness making the hard decisions but the right ones. Let us not allow temptation to get the better of us.

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