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3 Top LGU's "earn" P13M

For performing well, the Dept of Interior and Local Governments has recognized three LGUs and released P13 Million for their projects as a way of giving them recognition for a job well done and a “seal of good governance,” award.

Even for the passing of stringent requirements of the 2016 Seal of Good Local Governance conferred by the Department of Interior and Local Government, the three LGUs passers of the province are eligible to receive a financial grant totalling P 13 million under the Performance Challenge Fund.

Dumaguete City DILG Officer Farah Diba Gentuya said that the LGUs needed to pass three core assessment areas, namely: Good Financial Housekeeping, Social Protection, and Disaster Preparedness as well as any of the three essential areas: business friendliness and competitiveness, peace and order and environmental management to qualify for the award.

Both the cities of Dumaguete and Bayawan are entitled to a grant of P5 million each to finance high impact development projects, while Zamboanguita town is eligible to receive P 3 million.

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo is inclined to propose a project designed to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation. But he will be consulting the City Council to identify the priority project.

Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves will be investing in water works system, purchase of tractors and fertilizers to support the agriculture sector.

Meanwhile, Zamboanguita Mayor Glenson Alanano is prioritizing the improvement of the town’s water works system. Alanano also received a pair of awards in Cebu City from the Department of Health as Top Performing LGU on National Tuberculosis Program and Top Performing LGU on Contraceptive Prevalence Rate.







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