Basay mayor blames politics in drug links

Basay Mayor Beda Cañamaque of the southernmost town and himself a former law enforcer, has been named by President Duterte’s list of drug protectors even as he denied the same saying he is even a top anti drug enforcer in his town.

The mere mention of his name as among those in the list tagged as illegal drugs protector without due process is viewed by his allies as yet another attempt to besmirch his good name.

Nevertheless, Basay Mayor Beda Cañamaque is firm in his belief that a fair investigation would prove he is innocent from the latest slander against person and family.

Latest report, however, say two back up policemen of a big politician were found positive of drugs and one of them was busted inside a pension house owned by the Basay mayor.

President Rodrigo Duterte alleged that Cañamaque, who easily won re-election last May, is among the mayors who acted as protectors of the illegal drugs trade.

The irony is that Cañamaque has been at the forefront in the crackdown against illegal drugs being a former law enforcer, who abhor the vice with all his heart. Some analyst say that the best camouflage among other drug traffickers to cover up ones tracks is to show that one is a drug buster.

Some law enforcers do not even report the exact amount of drugs confiscated and instead re-circulate most of it into the market thru police assets. They both gain performance merits and at the same time, do good business.

In fact, during the recent provincial antidrugs summit, the Basay mayor led a delegation of barangay officials to demonstrate their firm commitment in the crackdown on illegal drugs, when many other local officials, even those stationed near the venue of the summit in the Capital of Dumaguete failed to show up.

Cañamaque submitted and tested negative of illegal drugs use the day after his name was included in the list of socalled narco-politicians.

The mayor is more than willing to be subjected to investigation by the Philippine National Police as the only means to clear his name despite the notoriety and pain he had to endure by the initial presidential public shaming.

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