Contractor fastracks diversion road rights of way obstacles

The main contractor of the multi million south diversion road that will open alternative routes of cargo and big trucks so as to ease traffic congestion in the city has offered to help the City fastrack the road right of way bureaucratic problems.

The sooner the road rights of way are purchased, the faster the major diversion road will be finished. The south diversion road stretches from Isugan, Bacong to the poblacion of Sibulan passing through Dumaguete diversion road.

Thus, Philsouth Contractors owned by Engr. Louie Tijing is advancing the payment of the 165 lots which will be processed thus open for road construction.

Every week, ten to l5 lots will be paid weekly at negotiated prices of the land which will be affected and be opened for the road. There is P250Million budgeted for the diversion road.

As of today, 90 percent of all owners affected are now taking advantage of the quick-sell and payment offered by the road contractor Philsouth, instead of an attempted slow down of the work due to changes of power in the last elections.

Part of the problem was the crush of a major bridge that connect the diversion road portion in Candau-ay- Batinguel areas.

The portion of the diversion road in that area from okoy river road side to to Camanjac, passing through BAtinguel, Candawinonan, and Bajumapndan; areas

The selling price of the road right of way which is being computed is based on how much the owner has registered its fair market value on the zonal valuation.

The Philsouth is only asking the city to fast track the release of funds so that the contractor can also finish the right of way transaction thus proceed in finishing the project on time.

This is a case of an efficient partnership between government and the private sector. (By Choy Gallarde)

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