Digong-mismo here for FED-launch

It will be his exclusive time to thank the Dumagueteños and Negrenses who voted for him in office. President Rodrigo Duterte will officially be in Dumaguete for the launching nationwide of the Federalism Movement on Sept 9-10 at the convention center.

Some 2000 delegates from the province, region and even nation will converge here at the convention center to launch the Operation Federalism Movement OFM nationwide.

Atty. Joel Obar, convenor of the Hugpong Federal Movement of the Philippines, said the convention will be passing five resolutions: supporting the reform agenda of President Duterte; supporting his foreign policy with respect to the West Philippine Sea; urging the president to call and convene a constitutional convention to draft a distinct type of federalism to be submitted to the Constituent Assembly, Constitutional Convention or People’s Initiative whichever route is eventually taken to amend the Philippine Constitution and finally, urging the President to call for historical Commission to rewrite Philippine history.

Dumaguete city has been chosen site of the national launching on Federalism because it is the center of the visayas region if not the nation. Dumaguete is a major cross roads to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


The principal advocate for the shift from unitary to federal form of government, President Rodrigo Duterte will keynote the first ever national convention with hundreds of delegates representing the 18 regions joining the September 9-10 event that will culminate signing of a manifesto underscoring their commitment to change the system of government.

Duterte will be accompanied by at least three Cabinet Secretaries namely Manny Pinol of Agriculture; Ismael Sueno of the Interior and Local Government and Cabinet Sec. Leoncio “Jun” Evasco, who will each have speaking slots.

Local officials from Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental will meet separately with the President at a local hotel so as not to overcrowd the proceedings at the provincial convention center.

Atty. Joel Obar, convenor of Hugpong Federal Movement of the Philippines, is optimistic of the presidential visit as a big boost with the first Mindanaon President unequivocally backing the campaign.

Duterte has been vocal in his support to change the system of government to federal form even during his presidential bid as he sees it as the only means to address the decades old Muslim insurgency in the Southern Philippines.

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