IPE to PNP: get drug suppliers first

Newly assumed city Mayor Ipe Remollo Friday told the PNP city command to prioritize the drug suppliers in the city over and above small-time pushers and users if only to give a semblance of the intensified anti-drug campaign.

Remollo was mouthing the marching orders of President Duterte whom he met in Davao city last week. Remollo and Duterte months earlier met at the Veloso-clan reunion with whom they both belong.

Remollo told Col. Jovey Atanacio, city chief of police, to relay to his command the Duterte order: first visit, knock, and advise drug suppliers to stop. If they don’t, the second wave will be put to effect.

However, Remollo aired his reservations on a template soon to be given to barrio captains and leaders on Tuesday’s anti drug summit here. He said, for barangay folks to fill out names of drug pushers and users in his own barrio may be violative of human rights, if done without evidence.

It could also endanger the lives of barangay folks who will be suspect as informers. It is best that the police will step up their intelligence prowess and come up with names of suppliers, rasther than let the barangay folks do it for them.


This PNP REPORT about 31 self-admitted pushers and users of drugs need authentication via an authentic drug testing before admission as surrenderee.

Mayor Remollo, a laywer said : “There is a right against self-incrimination. No one is forced to admit a crime that will incriminate them. The best thing those “surrenderees” can do is to mend their ways and stop supplying, distributing and using shabu, period, the city mayor said.

If they persist in their nefarious deeds, then the force of the law will be imposed. If they resist, they might regret it, the PNP said.


Drug Courts Judges Cresencio Tan Jr. and Judge Rosendo Bandal Jr, convicted drug users and pushers over the week end.

Of the 12 convicts, Tan gave life sentences to 6 drug convicts while Bandal gave one life term to another stakeholder.

They are: Algim and Richard Torres, Aninias Kilapkilap Jr, Francis Biongcog Villamor, Pendathon Ramos Azes Jr. and Arnel Habagat Ramirez.

Bandal gave a life term upon one Victor Maputi Timonan after six years in jail.

Ramirez got an added 14 years in jail including one Pablito Gonzales Canseko, Benjie Piayo, Joseph Ambulate, Hedgerz Ochoa, and Ryan Antipasto. They were also fined P400,000 each.

Suddenly, drug arrests slowed down in June with only 4 arrests and cases filed. Apparently, the drug business went to a steep slump as the Duterte drive vs drugs intensifies this week.

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