Lesbians sues rape by duo

Yes, Virginia, a woman is a woman is a woman. This was displayed by a Lesbian (tomboy in the local dialect) who sued before the city prosecutor, two male companions for allegedly raping her while being intoxicated.

The trio were close friends, barkadas, and even neighbors in one of the barangays of the city. Drinking up to the late hours of the evening, they were getting drunk until things happened.

The Duo very young minors at 17 and another who just turning 18, were apparently turned on, and became conscious of their sex difference and thereupon decided to pounch on the Lesbian victim and sexually consummated their sexual advances.

Shocked by the event, the Lesbian reported to the police thereafter and handed to the womenís desk.

The duo suspects were accompanied by their pasrents when put on inquest at the fiscalís office. Their parents expressed amazement how their sons could molest their barkada and even close to deny the incident as being close to impossible being friends.

The Philippine National Police womenís desk were assiting the complainant formulate her complaint.

The law gives no exceptions to this circumstance which the defendant will expound in court.

Rape when consummated carries with it a very stiff life prison term regardless of whether the victim is a full fledge woman or a lesbian. (BY CHOY GALLARDE)

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