Malaysians to build City gov't center

Malaysian investors who represent a company that has a track record of urban construction talked with the City Government, and has offered its facilities to construct — at their own cost—— an ambitious P1-billion government center and commercial areas which would be aimed at decongesting the city and open new commercial frontiers in the barangays.

As part of Mayor IPE Remollo’s revised master plan for the city , this major leap for a government center will house “everything,” meaning: city hall, legislative center, city offices, regional offices and below will be commercial shopping areas, restaurants, beauty saloons, even movie theaters so that people will disperse from the old “boulevard concept” of urban development.

The Malaysians who met with the city council here and Mayor Remollo in Manila Wednesday were composed of : Greg Anthony Bunol, Henry Manyuga, Nicholas Davia, Ruizza Lao and their legal counsel Atty Averill Amor, a true blue Sillimanian and Dumagueteño working now with the Malaysian Construction firm which has as Manila-office.

The company is AlloyMtd which is the merger between MTD and Alloy, which collectively has a long established track record in civil engineering and construction, manufacturing, infrastructure concessions, energy, port operations, real estate & property.

The win-win situation is that the company will capitalize the construction 100% while the City will provide the land use, and all offices and commercial stores within will pay rentl for 25 years until the capital is paid off with profits.

Mayor Remollo said, the city will not spend for anything, instead the city will collect the rentals and from that, the city will pay the construction firm. It is like building a toll way, then the motorists passing will pay for its construction until fully paid.

Based in Malaysia, they are a leading Asian infrastructure conglomerate operating in the global market. It is actively present in 13 countries notable in the Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Philippines, Chile and China.

The Construction and Engineering division has extensive experience in the development of mountain roads, highways, bridges, building geotechnical works, erosion control and highway maintenance. MTD has successfully completed, among others, the construction of the 36- kilometre South Luzon Expressway in the Philippines.

ONE STOP SHOP GOVERNMENT CENTERS are their expertise. Their latest construction is one in Calabarzon.

One-stop-shop Regional Government Centers in one accessible location per region across the country through public- private partnerships (PPP) that will bring Government closer to the people with the end in view of ensuring quick, hasslefree, efficient and highquality public service for our people!

They claim they not only offer worldclass facilities where our public servants can be motivated and inspired to continually provide better public services, but more importantly, we are committed to give] comfort and convenience to our people!

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