Mayor orders C.O.P.: hunt more pushers

City Mayor Felipe Ipe Remollo has ordered city chief of police PSSupt Jovy Atanacio to hunt those unaccounted but already identified drug pushers in this capital city.

This developed as some 588 pushers of illegal drugs across the province whose names were compiled in the so-called baseline watch list by the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office. They have not responded to Oplan TokHang and have so far eluded the drive for voluntary surrender.

Under the Phase II crackdown, they are supposed to be arrested or neutralized in the next 10 weeks. Most of them have already been identified by other surrenderees.


Noting that majority of the pushers operates in Dumaguete City, Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo has instructed Chief-of-Police Supt. Jovito Atanacio to intensify efforts to arrest peddlers and drug lords.

PNP Dumaguete has acknowledged that all 30 component barangays are affected by the drugs menace classified as slightly affected (22), moderately affected (5) while three (3) Cadawinonan, Calindagan and Motong were tagged as seriously affected.


Looc Barangay Captain Angelita Ragay earlier estimated over DYEM CROSS TALK show , that the city has a minimum of 5,000 users with NORPPO underscoring the need for a sustained “TOKHANG” operations to achieve a hundred percent surrender of both pushers/users in the watch list.

Less than 700 have only surrendered here in Dumaguete. The rest of the 4000 or more will be covered under Phase II. Most of them have already been identified by other surrenderees.


Moreover, another big bulk of possible users are those residing in boarding houses and dormitories including transient workers. They will be covered under phase II unless they will also voluntarily surrender.

Those boarding houses caught with users or pushers will have their business permits (if any) cancelled and fined if they have no business permits.

Dormitories in this university town will not be exempted. They will also be subject to oplan TokHang. School and university heads were expected to cooperate in the Duterte drive against illegal drugs. University heads also plan to accompany TokHang teams of the police so they can witness the operation within school and university campuses.

There are talks that several boarding houses, pension houses and even dormitories.

Those isolated boarding houses have provided safe havens to drugs pushers and users. It would be wise for the authorities to target them if only to make a significant dent to the local illegal trade. (By Dems Demecillo)

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