New mayor pushes no-politics policy

City Mayor Felipe IPE Remollo has pushed for a strictly “No-politics policy” in all matters affecting city hall affairs. This policy was announced during his 15-minute inaugural speech which he delivered extemporaneously last June30.

Remollo reiterated the call for No-Politics when during the first session of the new city council, by design or by co-incidence, allies of the minority moved for a sudden adjournment and quickly seconded by another ally and immediately after which, the presiding officer, another minority ally banged the gavel and gave no chance for the majority to voice an objection.

Thereupon, the presiding vice mayor declared the session adjourned and walked out of the session hall, despite persuasions to respect the call of the majority to continue discussion on pressing house rules.

What happened was a dangerous political precedent because future sessions might be adjourned at midway should one moves for its adjournment, duly seconded and the gavel banged by the presiding officer leaving no room for objec- New mayor... from page 1 tion. The movant was JV Imbo, seconded by Chaco Sagarbarria and adjourned by vice mayor JJ Esmeña.

Asst. majority leader Karissa Tolentino raised the point of order but was ignored. The majority prevailed to just continue the discussion in a special session tomorrow Monday.

The City Council is now discussing proposed amendments to the house rules about the term “majority vote” to pass appropriation measures.

The sanggunian political composition has switched phase. Only Kag. JV Imbo survived the old council, and added minorities like Tencho Perdices, Chaco Sagarbarria and Independent Islao Alviola and vice mayor JJ Esmena.

The rest are the majority like Kagawads Alan Cordova, Kar Arbon.

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