OPLAN: Tokhang "Double barrel" now in full swing

Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office has challenged barangay officials to actively participate in the no-nonsense effort of government to rid the streets and communities of illegal drugs under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, according to PNP provincial director PSSupt Harris Fama.

Fama challenged all stakeholders to make a list, to include names of shabu users and pushers names of their relatives, members of their respective families and friends, as the PNP launched Oplan Double Barrel and “Oplan TokHang.”

“TokHang,” is coined from the words TokTok (to knock at the door of the user or pusher) and to HANGyo (to plead or request them to stop and leave the vice). No coercion, just persuasion. If they refuse or fail to stop, the second wave will be applied next time without warning. It is like a double edged sword, or a double barrel of a shotgun.

The first barrel includes the implementation of Project “Tokhang” that has already gained momentum in Negros Oriental with more than 1000 individuals who have voluntarily surrendered the last five days, verification and validation of which will follow to determine the veracity and truthfulness of the reports.

After the verification they will be asked to sign a voluntary surrender form, and that they will already give up their involvement in the illegal drugs use and drug trading because if not, the second barrel will come in, which means the conduct of police operations such as application for search warrants, buy bust operations and catching the culprits in flagrante delicto.

If drug pushers and users defy the first and the second barrel inspite of Oplan Tokhang and pleadings from the police and barangay officials, they can look forward to the third one which is the possibility of changing the birthdays of concerned individuals to “November 2,” which is All Souls Day, according to SSupt Fama.

Today’s anti-drug summit is a synchronized activity in the entire Negros Island Region in line with the priority program of the Duterte administration and the new chief PNP Gen Ronald Dela Rosa, where lectures are being conducted by the speakers from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) on the very important role of barangay officials as part of their mandate to assist the police in the anti-drugs campaign, and the activation of their respective Barangay Drug Abuse Council (BADACs). During the workshop, a drug watchlist was consolidated from all the 557 barangays.

At this early, Fama wanted to address a concern where individuals are listed because they have personal grudges or enemies of the barangay officials, particularly the barangay captains.

Another concern would be the taking advantage of groups who would want to take the law into their own hands against known drug personalities in their respective communities. Fama said, the police is against the formation of vigilante groups but admits they cant be present in all areas all the time.

In the same vein, elected public officials including the police, mayors, councilors, congressmen, vice mayors even governors are also warned against involvement in Oplan: Tokhang “Double barrel” now in full suing from page 1 the drug menace, as protectors, because if they do “may tama din sila,” according to SSupt Fama, short of saying they also succumb to Oplan Double Barrel.

Thirdly, PNP operatives responsible in the arrest and apprehensions of suspected drug users and peddlers are also warned against executing affidavits that will result in the acquittal or dismissal of cases, to include non-appearance in court hearings. Fama said this will fall under the second barrel. (By CHOY GALLARDE)

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