Rep Sagar ok to help

Former Mayor now Rep Manuel Sagarbarria is willing help in whatever ways he can to locate the missing expensive bullet proof vests (around ten units) worth P300,000 donated by a private person in the U.S.

Richard Duran (at left) told blue ribbon probers Kag. Mike Bandal (below) Kag. Lioinel Banogon and Kag. Chaco Sagarbarria (the solon’s son at right) that he was asked to submit serial numbers of the vests to the city legal office. Ms Real of the city legal office denied that she did not see the serial numbers.

Atty Bimbo Lagahit said that his draft of the deed of donation could not be signed by the Lees because the real donor and owner Eping Gorospe is in the U.S. and merely requested the Lees to bring it along and donate it to the city PNP.

Sagarbarria in November received the items in his office with chief of police PSSupt Jovey Atanacio but now the items are nowhere to be found. Even chief of police does not know where the vests are.

Sagarbarria directed his chief of staff ATty Bimbo Lagahit to help locate the missing vests.

Sagar told the CHRONICLE in a phone interview that he is willing to help in whatever ways to locate the missing vests.

Kag. Karissa Tolentiino said that for all intents and purposes, the donation was already constructively consummated and received the fact that there was a photo ops to such an occasion. But the donation papers are still unsigned. But where are the vests?

Kagawads Alan Cordova and Joe Arbas said that somebody is making a mockery of the entire donation process. Kag. Manny Arbon agrees that if the items cannot be located, future donors might now be discouraged to give to the city if things just vanish into thin air.

That big question of the Sanggunian now is a police matter and the intended donee the police is tasked to probe and locate the missing items.

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