SP gets probe powers; prima facie mufflers

What’s new in the city council? Plenty First, councilors are now free to initiate investigations, probes and explore city problems and recommend strategic solutions to the mayor before legislation;

Second, citizens are now invited to join committee meetings to discuss community problems with the city councilors ; citizens who are experts and stakeholders in their fields of specialty;

Third, traffic enforcers and tanods will soon be authorized to establish prima facie evidence on parked noisy motorycles which will be impounded and towed, fix it , before it is released;

With six lawyers in the city council, they are ready to face harassment suits from affected sectors who might want to jeopardize public interest and welfare; the Silliman Salonga Law Center and other law schools in the city are ready to volunteer their services to help the City defend itself on matters of public interest.

FREE TO PROBE Without waiting for instructions from the mayor as of old, committee chairs can initiate investigations, studies and probes on matters of public interest and recommend legislation to the mayor prior to being taken up in the city council ;

That is my the majority said it has not given chairmanship to two minority councilors since they want to be sure of the chairs beating witht the same pace for the city.

CITIZENS INVITED Stakeholders and experts are now to be invited to committee hearings so they can share their expertise in solving community problems; they will also be given voting rights on the committee level;

PRIMA FACIE MUFFLERS: traffic enforcers will soon roam parking areas and possibly chain alleged violating mo torbikes and let their owners explain why these should not be impounded until these are replaced with the correct silencer so as not to disturb the community.

VOLUNTEER LAWYER there will be available volunteer lawyers and senior law studnets who will help defend the city against harassment suits in the city ‘s campaign aganst noisy motorcycles.

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