Sagar returns six vests

Former Dumaguete City Mayor now 2nd District Congressman Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria informed the Secretary to the City Council that the perceived missing bullet proof vests have been returned to Elsie Lee, the representative of the donor Peping Gorospe, of Los Angeles California, a close family kin.

Rep Sagarbarria’s letter in full dated October 17, 2016 to Sanggunian Secretary Art Tolcidas is hereto reprinted:

“This is in connection with your letter, dated September 28, 2019, regarding the alleged donation of bulletproof vest to the City Government of Dumaguete.

First, there was no donation of bulletproof vest. Mr. Peping Gorospe was supposed to donate 6, not 14, bulletproof vest to the city but the same did not materialize—because until this very day, the corresponding deed of donation has not been executed. Please see herein attached picture where the subject vest were all placed on the table for everyone to see. One can count it with his own naked eye and see for himself that there are only 6 bulletproof vests.

Second, the City Council should have known this fact that no such donation ever exists. This is because all donations in favor of the city will have to pass through the City Council. Thus, in fairness to the undersigned, the Office of the City Council should have issued a certification or official statement, for the consumption of the Blue Ribbon Committee and especially the public (since this issue has been highly publicized already in radio and newspaper), the there was no donation of bulletproof vests by Mr. Gorrospe to the city—as far as your record are concerned.

Third, while it may be true the there was a photo-op conducted for the supposed turn-over of the 6 Bulletproof vests to the police, the same was merely ceremonial in nature, pending the execution of a deed donation by the supposed donor. Unfortunately, the donation paper did not come. Thus, the subject vests remain private property of Mr. Gorospe, to which the city government has no title, authority nor legal right to possess and own. This is the reason why the undersigned has to return the subject items to the representative of Mr. Gorospe, Mrs. Elsie Lee— a well-respected person in the community and a good friend of the city government of Dumaguete.

Lastly, with this letter, it is my hope and wish that this issue be laid to rest.

Sgd. Manuel T. Sagarbarria

COMMENTS: By Mayor REmollo over CROSS TALK OVER DYEM BAI RADIO : I congratulate the city council for their exhaustive vigilance in causing the return of the missing bullet proof vests and in ferreting out the truth; the city police indeed needs the vests in crime busting; let us be vigilant in guarding city properties;

COMMENTS by city councillors Cordova, Tolentino, ARbon and Arbas had the following gist

Cordova —so what was the publicity of the donation for if there were no papers at all? What took them so long to report to the public about the missing bullet proof vests?

Tolentino – ownership passes only when it is in writing and papers could follow and be done in five minutes. Why this run around for so long?

ARbas—thank you those concerned for returning the missing vests. But why give it back to the giver when all it needs were donation papers to follow? Kag Bandal did a good job.

Mrs. Lee has yet to officially confirmed that the hitherto missing bullet proof vests are now returned in her custody and is open into formally donating the same to the Philippine National Police through its owner Mr Gorospe.

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