Silliman beauties abhor trash, traffic

Eleven beauties representing each department of the country’s premier Christian institution of Asia, Silliman University, have abhor the stinking trash in the streets of Dumaguete, the massive proliferation of illegal drugs and the mounting traffic congestion in Dumaguete.

These were the urgent calls of candidates for miss Silliman during the press launch Monday August 1 at the Silliman gymnasium.

The youth representatives also gave their overwhelming support to the Duterte administration saying, the Davao experience for 20 years has boosted Dutertee’s credibility including Davao’s imposition of curfew at 10 oclock at night in the city.

The candidates for miss Silliman were very emphatic in telling the press that the continued proliferation of drugs must be stopped and that rehabilitation of those who surrendered to the law is imperative.

It is useless for them to surrender and not undergo rehabilitation because there is a bigger chance they will go back to their old vices. Already 10,000 users and pushers in Negros Oriental have surrendered as of august 1 with three dead among drug suspects since the campaign was intensified starting July 1.

The student representatives chosen in their qualities of beauty and brains also complained about the mounting traffic in the city. They favored that new commercial centers must be opened in the barrios so that business activities will be dispersed and the economy will prosper.

Curfew at 10clock they said must be imposed because it will be a great help for parents to monitor their children. However the students cautioned that the curfew ordinance must be amended to conform with the times. Like new student culture of group studies at night, the commuting from the city to their towns in order to economize in the cost of living, the evening religious activities and even the 24-hour convenient stores which are patronized by students will have to be considered by the city council in their period of amendments on the curfew ordinance. 30. (these were the highlights of the prelaunch of NegOr premier univ.)

The candidates for miss Silliman who were presented to the press are:

Aiko M. Kitane –Business Administration, Valerie G. Durias –Arts and Sciences, Stacey Lu B. Castor –Clinical Laboratory Sciences ,Jollyprim Katriz Sy - Graduate Program, Aliah Jehan A. Jandog –Nursing, Dallie Z. Guillen –Education, Miss Silliman 2015 Genin Amiscaray, Glynese Micole G. Ikeda -Engineering and Design , Rhobie A. Ruaya –Mass Communication, Paula Izzabela F. Estoy –Rehabilitative Sciences, Elisse Anne C. Dolleton – Medicine and Michelle Lynn C. Wilkins - High School.

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