Silliman offers 314 parking lots

Silliman University is leading the way in giving part of their prime land for use for 314 public parking slots if only to decongest Dumaguete city despite its narrow roads. Silliman University is making good of its vow to help the administration of Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo in easing traffic congestion and to clear the national highway from obstruction and illegally parked vehicles. Remollo is a member of the Silliman Board of Trustees representing the alumni.

The city’s premier university is showing how academic institutions walk their talk in contributing to solve the traffic congestion by opening their campus gates to serve as additional parking spaces to relieve traffic in the Central Business District (CBD).

Engr. Edgar S. Ygnalaga Jr. Superintendent of Silliman University in a letter to Engr. Ricardo C. Duran head of the 2nd District Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways informed him of the development plan that will eventually allow 314 parking slots, 39 4-wheeled vehicles and 280 motorcycles outside and inside the perimeter fence of the campus from Villareal Hall to Channon Gates along west side of Hibbard Avenue.

This move is in response to Mayor Remollo’s request for other public and private schools to open their prime sprawling campuses to accommodate more vehicles and clear the city roads and the downtown area of illegally parked cars and motorcycles that contribute to traffic jam.

Nevertheless, Silliman University is requesting DPWH to approve the reconstruction of existing (box-type) canal cover along Hibbard Avenue to concrete ramp type cover to complement the school’s parking features development plan.

Ygnalaga estimates that the affected length of canal cover for reconstruction would be 230.256 meters. Silliman’s gesture is much appreciated by the community as a glowing example of a good Samaritan— helping a city and community in need.

The new “facilities would show as parking features, not only of the campus but perhaps of the city, helping employees, visitors and clients of the University when they arrive to find unoccupied parking spaces and improve campus experience,” Ygnalaga concludes. (By Dems Demecillo)

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