4-wheels, not trikes cause traffic jams

Hundreds of big 4 to 16 wheeler cargo trucks —not the 2,500 tricycles— are the ones causing big traffic jams in the city’s main but narrow streets. The solution is to ban these big cargo trucks to traverse downtown streets, widen old narrow streets, provide parking set-backs, and ban the parking along the main highways.

Tricycles 2,500 of them have been here for decades, their numbers have not increased.It is the fourwheeled vehicles , vans, SUVs and big cargo trucks which have tripled in number, who are causing the traffic clogs during rush hours.


Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo believes there are enough existing laws that if implemented would significantly ease the various traffic jams choking the city streets for almost a decade now.

With the full backing of team of professionals the group is called “Voltes 5” from Silliman U, FU and NORSU, they are; Architect Faisal M. Alih, Engr. Ramon del Prado, Engr. Flormilo Avenido, Engr. Konrad Villaluz, L.A. / USA- based urban Planner Dr. Efren Padilla, Atty Mikhail Maxino of the Jovito Salonga Center for Law and Development, Architects Val Vinarao and Umbel D. Grefaldia of Desenneo Architects, Remollo is determined to come up with a traffic scheme acceptable to all stakeholders that will ease the burden of the motoring public.


The group reiterated the need for the Provincial Highway Patrol Team to strictly and consistently enforce the prohibitions on sidewalk parking of all types of vehicles along the national highway, the regulation for tricycles to remain constantly on the right side of the road and clearing of major streets from any obstruction and vendors. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

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