5,374 "surrender"; Oplan Wagtang: in

The first wave is knock and request coined as “TokHang”. This week enters the second phase of eliminating the drug menace here and around the nation. The operation is now called “Oplan Wagtang,” which means “eliminate, remove, delite, erase from the phase of the earth” which face those who remain to indulge in the use and push of drugs in the streets of Dumaguete.

Quite timely, the entry of OPLAN WAGTANG also came the assumption of the new provincial police director in the person of PSupt Nestor Tiempo, a known veteran crime buster from Bohol who was personally handpicked for this area by chief PNP Police Gen Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. 5374 DRUG USERS/PUSHERS VOLUNTARY SURRENDERED to NEGROS ORIENTAL PNP. From July 1 to July 11, 2016, from the following Cities and Municipalities have surrendered to their PNP stations ( PS) as either pusher or user: Canlaon City PS -26; Vallehermoso PS-122; Guihulngan CPS-693; La Libertad PS-224; Jimalalud PS-86; Tayasan PS-85; Ayungon PS-163; Bindoy-52; Manjuyod PS-22; Mabinay PS-102; Bais CPS-271; Tanjay CPS-388; Pamplona PS-80; Amlan PS-258; San Jose PS- 290; Sibulan PS-971; Dumaguete CPS- 378; Valencia PS- 81; Bacong PS- 92; Dauin PS- 184; Zamboanguita PS-88; Siaton PS- 396; Sta Catalina PS- 93; Bayawan CPS-146; Basay PS-51. The pusher/ users voluntarily surrendered thru Project Double Barrel and OPLAN “TOKHANG”.

The newly-assumed Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NORPPO) provincial commander PS/ Supt Nestor Tiempo declared that his priority is not only Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Double Barrel but Oplan Wagtang, which is to physically remove and eliminate illegal drugs in the province of Negros Oriental.

Oplan “Wagtang,” which means to eradicate in English is the instructions of Police Regional Office 18 (PRO-18) regional director PCSupt Conrad Capa.

The entire police force is directed to conduct of more anti-drug operations and not to wait for the voluntary surrender of suspected drug users and peddlers.

The voluntary surrender of drug users and pushers which netted 5,372 in Negros Oriental as of Monday July 11, was a bold gesture of good will to stsakeholders.

It also came as warning shot to those who defy and persist in operating drug trafficking in Dumaguete and Netgro sOriental.

Netgro sOriental. CUT SUPPLY, CUT DEMAND:

S/Supt Tiempo’s action plan “Oplan Wagtang” would mean sustained efforts to cut the supply and demand of prohibited drugs and in the process identify the criminals for the conduct of police operations against them. He said, the mission of Oplan Wagtang is to “wagtang” the criminals, drug lords, and police scalawags, which is his priority and that his command is already starting to validate voluminous information given to him about the defiant ones.

Tiempo enjoins the men in uniform to be one in this mission for a drug-free Negros Oriental including the neutralization of other criminal activities. The last resort is simply to disable those who sport the insistent defiance of the law by continuing sale and distribution of prohibited drugs throu the city and town.

Tiempo made a courtesy call on Gov. Roel Ragay Degamo Tuesday morning where the chief executive reiterated his order to hit hard on illegal drugs, swertres and all forms of illegal activities in the province.


The President has already stopped this custom of politicians in recommending chiefs of police and provcinail directors. It turned out that those whom most govenors recommended for appointment became the mayors or governors’ “partners in crime” of protecting illegal drug lords.

So Pres Duteret scrapped this bad practice of political recommendations. As can be gleaned, most of Duterte’s appointees were composed of his friends, former classmates both in pre-law and law school, but who have known honesty and integrity. (By Choy Gallarde)

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