BP-vest puzzle baffles council

The case of the missing brand new bullet-proof vests (6-to 10 pieces) worth P300,000 and intended for the use by the city police continues to baffle elements of the city council as they concluded last Wednesday that the case is now a police matter.

After fruitless searches from the mayor’s office, general services office , city police , inventory rooms and barangay affairs offices to no avail, per report of their heads, the blue ribbon committee of the city council headed by Councilor Michael Bandal and his members agreed that it is now the police who should handle the matter after a report is filed in its police blotter, and initiated by the city council as the city policy making body.

The CHRONICLE contacted former city legal officer now chief of staff of them Mayor now Rep Manuel Sagarbarria who said that no formal turnover was made because the donation papers were not signed. So said Sagarsbarria.


But Sagarbarria in a public ceremony and covered by media, formally received the items worth P30,000 each in his office , together witih carrier Elsie Lee who represented the donor Peping Gorospe who lives in the Los Angeles USA and who requested the Lees to bring it over inside their balikbayan boxes.

And the items are no longer to be found until today.

The CHRONICLE also contacted the Lees and we filed this report:

Contrary to the perception of many , Lee Plaza owner Edward Lee said that they are not the owners nor the donors of the “lost” bullet proof vests intended for the city PNP-Police which are worth P300,000 or more.

In a CHRONICLE interview last week, Lee said that the real owners and therefore, the donors of the apparently “misplaced” bullet proof vests is a certain Peping Gorospe, who is the uncle of his son in law Geeboy Quindo who is the husband of their daughter named Bing.

Peping Gorospe uncle of his son in law resides in the United States who sent these items to be donated to the city police department. The Lees merely “facilitated” its transport to Dumaguete via balikbayan boxes. But the owner and therefore the rightful donor who will sign the deed of donation should be , Peping Gorospe uncle of his son-inlaw the real donor, who owns the vests, said Edward Lee.


Sometime in November 2015 the bulletproof vests arrived Dumaguete and was delivered to the city mayor Manuel Sagarbarria in his office (see page1 foto) by Mrs Elsie Lee, wife of Edward Lee and physically received by the city mayor and the chief of police PSupt Jovey Atanacio (see foto also) but still without the formal deed of donation.

When the city legal office under Atty Bimbo Lagahit drafted the formal deed of donation, it could not be signed until now because the Lees said the signatory of the donation should be Eping Gorospe who is the actual owner and giver, but based in the United States.

The days rolled by, and months until elections came in May 2016, some say they saw it somewhere inside the car of a city official during the campaign, some say it was inside city hall and inventoried; some say it was 6 pieces, some 10 pieces and some say it was 14 pieces. But the items are nowhere to be found nor located.


Now when the PNP wants to use it in the anti-drug campaign, nobody could locate the whereabouts of ALL the bulletproof vests.

The Lees told the CHRONICLE that after the picture- takings, they left it with city hall. Then city legal officer Lagahit now the chief of staff of Cong Manuel Sagarbarria said that all he made was a draft of the donation papers, and was never known to have been signed by the donor. Lagahit did not say who the donor was in his draft.

Cong. Sasgarbarria told the CHRONICLE Thursday by phone interview, that he believes the bulletproof vests should still be inside somewhere in the city , and needs a formal document signed donation papers by its owners so that the City Government can acquire ownership. But where are the vests?

Sagarbarria said without the signed donation papers designating the city government as the donee, the City could not acquire ownership of the bulletproof vests intended for use by the city police department. But where are the vests?

Until now, there are no signed donation papers and the bulletproof vests which is worth P25,000 or more, or a total of P300,000 worth could not be located. Nobody seems to know where it is.

The blue ribbon committee of the Sanggunian headed by Kag. Michael Bandal is now treating the “loss” of the expensive imported bulletproof vests which are intended for the police use as a police matter.

The items are so big, it could not miss the eye. But as to where these items are today, who is tasking custody, nobody seems to know. Was it lost? Was it stolen? Were these sold to the black market? Were these misplaced inside city hall? Nobody seems to know. These were imported items, so big these could not miss the eye.

Will someone please give the investigators any clue?

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