Mayor gives up P6M intel fund

While other local government units LGUs “scamper” to maximize and salvage as much intelligence funds which are accountable only to the COA, the city mayor of Dumaguete Atty Felipe Remollo, instead gave up P6Million in intelligence funds in favor of other essential appropriations which are wanting.

Unlike other Local Government Units, Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Remollo has decided to give up the P 6 million confidential/intelligence fund so that the amount will be appropriated for other essential projects.

These are for sports development, women empowerment, persons with disabilities, senior citizens and other operating expenses. Intelligence fund is money to be used for crime prevention and detection. It can be sourced thru the Sanggunian appropriations, Mayor Remollo said.

Previously, in some LGUs there have been controversies in the utilization of intelligence fund considering the largely covert manner by which it is expended and accounted for since it does not pass the usual auditing procedure.

However, City Budget Officer Antonieta D. General said Remollo has instructed her that by 2017 the P 6 million intelligence fund shall instead be utilized to augment the budgets for sports development, women empowerment, PWDs benefits, senior citizens and operating expenses for peace and order. His ultimate goal is to enhance the delivery of services to the marginalized sectors.

Intelligence fund is used by the local executives to reward informers, protect witnesses, rental of vehicles and safe houses, uncover or prevent illegal activities and to fund confidential activities that directly impact the peace and order of the locality in tandem with law enforcement agencies.

Intelligence/confidential fund shall not be more than 30% of the total amount allocated for the peace and order and public safety plan of the current year.

The release of the fund shall be covered by a resolution duly approved by 2/3 vote of all the members of the City Peace and Order Council.

In insurgency struck LGUs, intelligence funds will used for gathering information about whereabouts of criminals and escaped convicts among others. They can be used to fun informers who can help locate local fugitives of justice and other purposes which ther mayor may see so deem fit.

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