3 ex-police, drug personas surrender

TANJAY CITYŚ another drug personalities surrendered as of July 1 to 4 through OPLAN Tokhang. 87 drug personalities surrendered and visited by Tanjay CPS personnel led by the Police PSUPT Resty S. Santos.

Base on the record, 32 drug personalities who voluntarily surrendered, 25 users, 7 pushers (3 of them are expolicemen). And with the conduct of OPLAN Tokhang, a total of 55 drug personalities were visited in their houses, 52 users and 3 pushers. Tanjay CPS has recorded a total of 87 personalities who surrendered and visited in their houses and has been actively and conscientiously performing the new directives from the higher office on the fight against the production and use of illegal drugs. (PSUPT Resty S Santos).

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