44 blue guards out

The Dumaguete City Council is not inclined to authorize the City Mayor to enter into a P3.7 million contract with the security agency that failed to “observe procedural protocol when facing any untoward incident.”

If no contract will be signed, and the city shall decide to terminate the services of the agency, its 44 blue guards will be replaced by another set of personnel from a different firm.

The city Councilors also noted that contrary to the terms of the previous contract, the agency allegedly failed to submit results of the neuro-psychiatric examinations and drug tests of its security guards.

Commander Security Agency was put on a defensive when the City Councilors took turns in pointing out several lapses in its performance that was highlighted when the car of the Supervising Auditor of the Commission on Audit Lourdes N. Algopera was “repeatedly vandalized” inside the city hall compound, yet the Philippine National Police hardly found a single report of any untoward incident written in the blotter book which may serve as a matter of inquiry and references.

The tires of Algopera’s car were punctured by sharp objects in three occasions causing damage to property and reinforced a sense of insecurity inside the city hall compound. The same vehicle was also blocked five times by a certain motorcycle, which was deemed by some of the auditor’s friends to be harassment.

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