Addicts to rehab at Camp Leon Kilat

It is a wise move to gather all self-confessed drug users and pushers numbering around 800 here in Negros Oriental for rehabilitation at Camp Leon Kilat in Tanjay.

Some ten hectares (which the army camp can cover) is required by government to build rehabilitation centers for drug users and pushers who now number around 700-thousand all over the country.

By the end of the year, the drug-surenderees could reach a million and triple that in two years, —if the Duterte administration continues the same thrust on its anti-drug campaign, and assuming that users continue to proliferate and not abandon the vice at all.

One can just imagine the huge expense of government in rehabilitating a million drug users and pushers by the end of the year or so. Such rehabilitation center can be more expensive to run than ordinary prisons and jails. Drug dependents need good food and good environment that’s what makes them different from ordinary jails, and more expensive to operate. And how effective will be the rehab centers against recidivists after a year or so?

Many say that you can’t just lick the drug menace just like that. So far no country in the world is drug free –not even the Vatican —and that is something to ponder upon, no country is so far drug-free. So can government really lick the vice?

Reports say military camps in Luzon will be at Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija and Camp Jamindan in Capiz and Camp Leon Kilat in Tanjay for the Visayas addicts. We don’t know where they will put the drug addicts in Mindanao.

Naturally, the provincial governments , will have to give its share running the rehab center here. It would be better to spend taxpayers money to rehabilitate the addicts than to make them remain scot free and contaminate double the number of addicts in one or two years which by then, would already have wreck havoc our society’s moral institutions particularly in the next generation. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

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