Barrio capt nabbed with fire arms

A high value target fell into the hands of the Philippine National Police in Negros Oriental follow ing the service of a search warrant in his residence in Sitio Tower, barangay Kalamtukan, Bayawan City, early dawn of Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Joint operatives from the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) headed by PSupt Elmer Decena, the Bayawan city police headed by PSupt Melchor Agusin and the Provincial Anti Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (PAIDSOTG) headed by PSIns Richmon Conag, swooped down at the village where barangay captain Felipe Condes is residing before 6:00 o’clock early morning to the surprise of all the residents nearby.

Meanwhile ,more firearms were recovered via search warrant, in Nagbinlod and Nagbagang, Sta Catalina in the house of Mario Candalasa Sedon like two KG9 assault rifles, folding type guns, with six magazines and 59 live ammo. Another 22 caliber Thompson with magazine and a 45 caliber pistol colt 1911 with two magaines and 20 live ammo, believed to be that of the group of Seldon.

Condes is believed to be a leader of the anti-communist group “Pulahan,” and is considered armed and dangerous.

According to PSupt Decena, the troops had to jump off at 11:00 in the evening on Wednesday from the provincial headquarters, travelled more than a 100 kilomters until they reached the village early dawn to secure the area.

Recovered during the search at the room of the barangay captain are a KG-9 assault rifle with three magazines containinig 60 live ammunition, and a fragmentation grenade, while recovered from the room of his son John Paul Condes are the home made cal. 45 pistol with two magazines containing 8 live ammunition, one heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containinig shabu, one disposable lighter, one plastic pack containing marijuana leaves, one improvised tooter, one fragmentation grenade and one live ammunition for cal. 9 mm pistol. John Paul Condes has a pending case for murder and is still at large.

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