Basay mayor clears self of drug links

Basay Mayor Beda Cañamaque expects a vindication for the bad publicity against him after reliable and classified information showed he was merely dragged into a controversy involving a simple land dispute between the relative of his wife and another family in Bayawan.

Cañamaque, said it is unfortunate however, that such irresponsible reporting and lack of sincere and comprehensive validation of such reports resulted to an irreparable damage to his name and his family’s reputation, which he said is unforgivable.

It all started in a beach front property dispute between the family of Elsie Gagaa Ruizan, aunt of Mayor Cañamaque’s wife Nochelyn and the family of Celnor Bucad in Nagboalao, Basay, the case of which is pending before the Municipal Trial Court in Bayawan.

The reliable information showed that two emails were sent to a government intelligence agency based in Manila portraying Mayor Cañamaque as a drug protector of Ruben Ruizan Jr. alias “Balong”, cousin of his wife Nochelyn and son of Elsie Gagaa Ruizan.

"Balong" already surrendered on July 26, 2016 under Oplan Tokhang and is staying at the disputed land in Nagboalao, Basay.

According to Mayor Cañamaque when verified the emails were sent by a certain Chayla Polvura and Ana Francisco, workers of Celnor Bucad at the beach house in Nagboalao, Basay, while the caretaker is Jovy Polvura.

The two had allegedly informed the intelligence unit in Manila that Mayor Cañamaque has warned “Balong”, a known drug user and pusher in the municipality about an impending warrant for his arrest. And because of the warning, “Balong” was able to go scot free.

This was vehemently denied by the Mayor in saying there was not warrant to speak of and that Balong had already surrendered. (By CHOY GALLARDE)

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