“Be Appreciative of being a Government Employee”

What does it take to be an employee in the Philippine Government? A very promising, yet a mythical question with lots of untold answers of one em ployed with a specific position in the government. For reasons that there are numerous number of labor laws that are applicable, depending on the status of an employee, the qualification requirements, the type of office or department, the hiring entity authorized to exercise employment and the nature and function of the job taken, disputes arise between the employer and the employee which left the employee unprotected having no opportunity to assert their claims and fight for their rights especially on security of tenure.

Fortunately, I was one of those employed in the Dep. Ed. who is given an opportunity by fate favorable to me. Though I must admit that I have had my harsh experiences of employment in the early years of my career, even to the worst of being an OFW, I never gave up and never quit believing that someday, I will be secured and employed in the Philippine Government.

I started to get employed in the DepEd on October 1998. Being a clerical staff made me fulfill my dreams of helping other people in the best way that I can. My task might sound boring and without challenge, yet I personally found meaning in it. I believe that no matter how ordinary my task might sound, if I do it with passion and love, I will find fulfillment in it. This is the one that makes the difference. I can consider myself as one of those lucky enough to be employed in the government agency, the DepEd which provided me security of tenure and gave me fulfillment not only on the economic aspect but also in the social aspect.

Being a Dep.Ed employee is one which can uplift the economic growth of the members of the family, provided that finances are well managed and practically taken cared of. I wish to disagree with common statement that “it is of no good to be employed in the government agency because it is filled with corruption.” I consider my employment as the “bread and butter” of my family, thus I am forever grateful to be part of the government agency, the Dept. Ed. (By Esmeralda Pagsisihan)

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