CHR concerns crop up over drugs round ups

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is already up on its toes following reports of alleged human rights violations in the processing of “surrenderees” with regards to Oplan Tokhang and Operation Double Barrel.

CHR special field investigator Dr. Jess Cañete said the project is very laudable in line with President Rodrigo Duterte’s priority program of eradicating the drug menace.

However, his office started to receive complaints about the listing of individuals who are not actually involved in illegal drugs.

One barangay even reported that the police called the names in the list one by one with the use of a megaphone, which violates the strict confidentiality provision of the exercise.

Cañete made it clear the CHR would not want to hinder the momentum of the anti-drugs campaign of government, but there has to be a line drawn on the sensitivity of the rights of the individuals in the list.

Another report showed that aside from the voluntary surrender with the assistance of their respective barangay officials, one parent was asking if it is within the bounds of their rights not to be photographed after they have filled up the voluntary surrender form.

Cañete told the police that in the course of implementing the anti-drug campaign they should not ignore the respective rights of the surrenderees which is a constitutionally mandated rights that should be protected.

In their brief meeting this morning, Cañete said they have agreed with Col Tiempo that his office be furnished with the folders of all drug-related 74 killings in the province, even as he also received directives from the CHR central office to continuously monitor shooting incidents as regards to the legality whether or not they can be considered as extra judicial killings.

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