DA organic harvest: it’s a lettuce world

“Fresh Organic Lettuce” newly harvested from the Provincial Agriculture Green House is now available for sale at Php 100.00 per kilo on a first come-first serve basis and good until supply last.

The production of organically grown lettuce was supervised by the research division of the PAO in support to the High Valued Crop Development Program of the DA-7.

The green house crop production Technology primarily focused on the improvement in quality and volume of produced crops.It is a highly intensive system of crop production in which some measures of control is very critical towards enhancing productivity performance.

The factors that can be controlled includes sunlight, rainfall,water management, drainage,humidity, pests & disease management, ventilation, air circulation, pollination & temperature.

The manipulation of these factors allow consistent high yields of high quality crops throughout the year, irrespective of the prevailing weather condition on the outside. The major crops produced at the PAO Green house includes lettuce, tomatoes and melon.

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