Dgte inks Monorail MOU with China

The City of Dumaguete has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Xintian, China last Friday Oc tober 14, for the immediate exploration of the feasibility of operating a Monorail System within this capital city in line with efforts to modernize and streamline public transport.

The MOU with China was signed by Mayor Ipe Remollo and Xingian Technology General Manager Jack Liu and three of his top executives namely David Dai, deputy general manager; Kaiser Lee Overseas Projects Supervisor; and Cyd Suanque business development director. They flew all the way from Xintian China via Hongkong last Friday.

They flew back to Manila/China yesterday.

Being in the transport industry in China, there is also the feasibility of exporting electric tricycle parts to be assembled here in Dumaguete. It will definitely lessen the cost of the electric tricycle for drivers and operators here. They will soon be regulated to operate electric tricycles which are friendly to the environment, and using renewable and clean electric power.

In an exclusive CHRONICLE interview with the Chinese investors, who were hosted by Mayor Remollo at his plush residence in Cantil-e, the enthusiastic Chinese millenias, were quick to add that they will no only transfer technology to Dumaguete, they might even build factories for e-tricycles and spare parts for monorail systems that might be operated in the Visayas and Mindanao.

The Chinese investors immediately loved Dumaguete because of the ease in English communication, the hospitality of a welleducated community. They found these traits a higher level of sophistication compared to other similar provinces.

According to Messers Liu, Lee and Dai, they are amenable to the offer of invitation by Mayor Remollo who said the Chinese businessmen can invest their mass transport technology here under the PPP (Private Participation Program) and the BOT or Build-Operate and Transfer scheme.

Under the BOT the Xintian businessmen will spend for the construction of the Monorail system and Dumaguete will provide the land for their routes and agree on a price bassed on the toll system which income will come from the transport fare of passengers.

The Monorail envisioned will run on a six-coach line, with an estimated 200 passengers per trip on two coaches that will run back and forth. Initially on a straight- line basis first, from airport to Bacong boundary.

The trip with three short stops will take about 15 minutes maximum n a smooth-as-silk ride for a very affordable fare. In the three stops, electric tricycles will take over and ferry the monorail passengers to their city destinations.

When the monorail operates (like in downtown Singapore) the car owners will just park their cars awaiting in the in-between stops. Definitely, traffic congestion will be much minimized by half at most.


The details, the trio investor officers said will be further discussed when the feasibility studies will be finished as per MOU, maybe before the year ends.

Cost of production is said to be S25-Million per kilometer, covers everything, from the monorail cars to the skyway construction and automation, the trio said.

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