Estacion no-show as Vice-Governor

To underscore her unyielding support to re-elected Governor Roel Degamo and refusing to tolerate an injustice, Liland Bustamante-Estacion, the highest ranking member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan did not take her oath as Vice-Governor despite the request of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Efforts to serve the notice proved futile as she has suddenly made herself scarce and even skipped the remaining sessions of the SP. Mariant Escaño-Villegas has served as Presiding Officer of the legislative body.

The succession was caused by the dismissal of Degamo by the Ombudsman and the assumption of Mark Macias as Governor.

Hence, by operation of law, she should also assume as vice-governor. However, on the fateful day that the DILG served the notices, Estacion was nowhere to be found and her staff refused to receive the notice prompting the DILG contingent led by Regional Director Margie Biligan to post it outside her office wall.

Estacion, who was Degamo’s running mate in the last election, has already criticized the decision of the Ombudsman branding it as a violation of due process of law.

She was even optimistic that incoming President Rodrigo Duterte and the League of Governors would do something to correct the purported injustice committed against Degamo.

Dennis Quiñones, head of the DILG Negros Oriental, reportedly warned that Estacion should have taken her oath as Vice-Governor to avoid the risk of being sued by any taxpayer. But he admitted that the DILG cannot force her to take the oath. (By Dems Demecillo)

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