Garbage dumpsite rehab job start

Rehabilitation of the garbage dumpsite in Candau-ay has started after it was declared under a state of calamity by the previous set of sangguniangpanlungsod members following a series of fires that hit the dumpsite weeks before the May 9, 2016 elections.

City Engr. Edwin Quirit disclosed the initial stage of the rehabilitation includes pushing the garbage to the top, constructing a road so that the heavy equipment can reach to the top.

Part of the program of work is to scour the bottom of the dumpsite and then positioned the 3- inch diameter perforated GI pipes so methane and carbon dioxide will be emitted into the atmosphere.

The dumpsite was declared under a state of calamity when toxic smoke has already threatened the health of residents including children, two or three of them were brought to the hospital for cough, and ashma of one or two was triggered because of the continued emission as a result of the garbage fire.

Part of the calamity fund is for the rental of heavy equipment to fill up the dumping area with a mixture of soil, sand and gravel as well as for financial assistance to affected scavengers.

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