Healthier world if people go solar

A large solar power company operating here and worldwide, is pushing government for the crafting of policies that will make renewable energy more accessible to ordinary people.

Raynor Jamandre, president of First Solar Orion Energy Solutions, among the biggest solar energy company in the world that has installed at least 13 gigawatts of solar power all over suggests that the first thing government must do is to give ordinary households the incentives to put up solar panels in their respecdtive rooftops, be it small, medium or large.


Aside from Silliman University which has the most advanced solar modules being installed by Solar Orion, Jamandre said it has also signed up with at least 35 other state universities all over the country and some local government units who wanted to go solar.

The installation of solar panels at Silliman worth P100 million are at no cost at all to the university because Jamandre believes Silliman deserves a P100 million investment.

Silliman will pay Orion the cost of electricity . Once it has reached its expected costconsumption,___ in about ______ years, SU will stop paying electric bills to Orion and operte the solar panel system , this time, without cost of power to dish out.

He added that an ordinary household doesn’t have to go the Bureau of Investments (BOI) it it wants to set up his own solar system but a reduction in the income tax of the individual will do.

In this way the ordinary people can say they have contributed to the preservation of the environment aside from generating its own energy without relying power from the grid.

Jamandre is expected to write the Department of Energy (DOE) outlining the suggestions and observations of the company and to seek the support of the President.

He said Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has always been pushing for better alternatives in asking the president to make renewable energy more accessible to the ordinary people, by making policies that will bring down the cost of acquiring solar energy, making importation of materials free of VAT, duties and taxes.

Jamandre’s dream is the faster installation of renewable energy sources in every household without any bureaucracy.

He stressed its not about a return in the investment but making the environment safer for everyone and to save a lot of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. jg

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