Nutri food processing
By Leandria Pagunsan

A community-based food processing center of rice-mongo blend in Barangay Nangka, Bayawan City was established to redirect and enhance the local government unit of Bayawan’s feeding program highly dependent on outsourced nutri-packs.

The food processing center of rice-mongo (BigMo) blend by the Nangka Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Farmers’ Association (NABEFA) with 29 farmer-members was an output of Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s (FNRI’s) Siglang Pinoy Project. The Siglang Pinoy project provides technical assistance for the implementation which combines the feeding and nutrition education component. Bayawan City took the project to support the establishment of a community- based food processing center as a means to provide sustainable income for the farmer-beneficiaries of NABEFA.

Pamplona: Region 7’s lowest malnutrition rate
By Leandria Pagunsan

The municipality of Pamplona was recognized as best performing municipality and recipi ent of the Green Banner Award in Region 7 for having the lowest and consistently decreasing malnutrition rate for three successive years.

Pamplona registered a malnutrition rate of 2 percent in 2013, 1.5 percent in 2014, and 1 percent in 2015. This was disclosed by Gilda Torres, nutritionist dietician of Provincial Health Office here during the convergence forum of city and municipal nutrition action officers (C/MNAOs) held in Bayawan City recently. With this achievement, Pamplona will vie for the national level contest in this year’s evaluation.

Proper info dissemination
By Roi Lomotan

In lieu of the rising number of teenage pregnan cies in Negros Oriental, the Commission on Population – Negros Island Region (PopCom- NIR) stresses the importance of disseminating correct information on adolescent and reproductive health.

Based on the records of the Provincial Health Office, there is a spike in the number of pregnancies among females aged 10 to 19 years old. In 2014, the figure recorded is 4,103 and the figure rose to 4, 895 in 2015. Some 889 cases of teenage pregnancies are recorded during the first quarter of this year. With this, PopCom underscores the need to further reach out to younger people so that they will be more educated and informed on how their bodies work and how to avoid risky behavior that may lead to early child bearing.

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