"Let's reboot first then move on"

Assumed Governor Mark Macias, 52, who was sworn in as governor last June 17 by RTC Execu-tive Judge Gerardo Paguio, said that the provincial government bureaucracy is so much in disar-ray that “we need to reboot first, before we can move on.”

In computer parlance, the process of “rebooting” is to put in order the files inside a computer , which refuses in disarray, and refuses to respond to further commands because it can no longer understand its jumbled files, and demands that the unit be rebooted, reformatted or re-started otherwise, it will continue to hang and not function normally.

Macias in an exclusive interview with the CHRONICLE last Wednesday said that with so many things out of order inside capitol files, he cannot even decide where to start.

He even added that if a competent court will order him to step down, “I will not wait a minute longer,” if only to show that he did not seek nor is interested in the job, and he applied as vice governor during the election that passed.

“But since I was ordered to assume, so here I am rest assured that I am ready to function, and or to vacate if given a legal order,” he said.

There seems to be a confusion again because some legal circles claim Degamo was replaced only up to June 30 . By virtue of his overwhelming victory of 313,703 votes and more, the people’s mandate is very clear.

The Comelec local head Atty. Eddi Aba, has just issued a statement saying that Degamo can assume on July 1 without prejudice the legal orders from the Ombudsman. But this still needs an official confirmation.

So unless Degamo gets a TRO or an injunction, the Ombudsman’s order will hold.

Another lawyer said that there is a need for another DILG order from the Ombudsman dismissing Degamo for this new term.

His perpetual disqualification in holding public office is not yet final because he is still appealing the case and seeking an injunction.

An injunction is to stop a done-thing from continuing. A TRO is to stop what has not yet happened.

In short, there should be no problem since both parties are willing to abide by the rule of law.

In fact, Macias did not insist in sitting in the capitol as Degamo still refuses to give up the office claiming he still has the right to appeal and the order is not yet final, but merely executory. —meaning it can be enforced but subject to a finality on appeal.

Macias, too, assumed at the tourism Sidlakan Village and started appointing department heads on OIC capacities.


It would have been BM Lieland Estacion who was to assume as vice governor, but she was a noshow. So in the last session of the provincial board, highest vote-getter BM Mariant E. Villegas acted as presiding officer.

Bottom line is: any competent Court or authority will be respected by all parties, as to decide who will assume and when as governor during the pendency of all these cases.

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