Lupad bus sparks Council word war

Provoked by the labels “unethical” and “unprofes sional” administration Councilors took turns in justifying and defending the donation of a bus by Vallacar transit emblazoned with the logo and name of “LUPAD. DUMAGUETE.”

For Councilors Jose Victor Imbo and Estanislao Alviola, LUPAD evokes partisan division and should not have been printed on the body of the recently donated bus whose value is pegged at P3.9 million.

An impassioned Councilor Karissa Tolentino cautioned Alviola and Imbo to refrain from using words that suggest corruption and wickedness just because the donor and the donee decided to paint LUPAD logo on the bus.

Councilor Manuel Sagarbarria Jr. should have used the slogan I Love Dumaguete. But Councilor Manuel Arbon replied that the slogan is more apt for tourism purposes and does not encapsulate the vision of the Remollo administration. He added that at least the current mayor did not use his name and photo to be printed in government programs, properties, among others.

Councilor Lilani Ramon shared the meaning of LUPAD as Livable and cultured community; Urban revitalization inclusive of all barangays, Professionalism in government service and Good Governance; Abundance of food, clothing and adequate shelter for every family and Dedication to God, Country and Community.

Councilors Joe Kenneth Arbas and Michael Bandal stressed that despite sporting the logo of LUPAD everybody is welcome the use the bus, which constantly reminds and promotes the priorities of the administration.

Councilor Alan Cordova lamented that instead acknowledging the fact that for the first time a company donated a bus for the city and be grateful about, his colleagues are bickering over the use of LUPAD logo, which after all is not abhorrent since it represents the vision that the team espoused and validated by the electorate.

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