Lupad-Dumaguete re-launched

A full-hour daily inter-active pub lic affairs show by city elected and appointed leaders called “Lupad Dumaguete” has been re-launched over DYEM FM BAI RADIO last Monday Sept 5.

This is designed to keep the public informed of what our policy makers and implementers are doing on a week to week basis.

This is also in keeping with the election promise that the Lupad Dumaguete will continue to be visible and audible in informing the people and listening to public complaints for speedy action.

The initial guests were City Mayor Ipe Remollo, who talked about the overall city plans for the city and its update;

Councilors Alan Cordova and Manuel Arbon who talked about the institutionalization of civil society sectors in policy making and legislation; plus the new amendments to the muffler ordinance;

Then Councilors Karissa Tolentino, Joe Kenneth Arbas and Michael Bandal on the mandatory but suspicionfree blood drug testing; the new amendments to the muffler ordinance and the probe of the lost bullet proof vests for the city.

Other topics on the line.

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