Manok Bisaya: new Chicken craze here

The marketing and production of native chicken in all its forms is now the new inthing in chicken barbecue and other menus hereabouts.

A symposium on native chicken production is scheduled on Friday Oct 14 in Dumaguete as part of the activities lined up for this year’s Buglasan.

Provincial veterinarian Jaime Villaluz disclosed the symposium is aimed at strengthening and enhancing the propagation of native chickens in the province with more than 1,000 heads already distributed to farmers during the conduct of the Magdegamo medical missions in the hinterland barangays of the province.

He stressed the need for farmers to be trained on how to manage their native chicken farms with the new technology. Most farmers presume they know everything about raising native chickens but the latest technology has to be applied, like vaccination for every six months including hogs, swine and cattle to prevent them from all kinds of diseases.

Villaluz is toying the idea of acquiring incubators one for every district of Negros Oriental for massive production of native chickens, but due to budget constraints, it remains a plan. One incubator will cost about P200,000 with a capacity of more than 400 eggs.

Villaluz said a well known chain of restaurants all over the country was established to supply native chicken products but local producers cannot sustain the supply. Thus, broiler chickens are being sold instead.

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