NGCP cries sabotage on Mindanao grid lines

At 10:47AM, July 20, a tree branch tied with rope was intentionally thrown at NGCPs Baloi-Agus 2 138 kiloVolt (kV) Line 1 in Brgy. Adapun Ali, Balo-I, Lanao del Norte. The act of sabotage caused the line to trip, and isolated Agus 1 and 2 hydroelectric plants, which currently provides 82MW of power to the Mindanao grid. Efforts to immediately clear the line of the obstruction was significantly delayed as the landowner, Abner Sulog, initially refused NGCP entry to the transmission line corridor.

Just a week ago, Line 2 of the same Baloi Agus 2 line was similarly sabotaged. Line 2 has been out since July 12 after unknown persons maliciously erected a bamboo pole within NGCPs right-of-way corridor, causing the transmission line to trip. Attempts to re-energize the line failed after claimant over the property, Mapangkat Luman, refused NGCP access to the transmission lines to conduct restoration activities.

NGCPs Baloi- Agus 2 138kV Line connects Agus 1 and 2 hydro power plants to the Baloi Substation, which serves as the hub of power from the Agus Hydro Complex in North Mindanao, to grid users all over the island, including the largest consumers of power, southern urban centers Davao City and General Santos City.

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