No-show at summit: reported to RRD

List of barangay captains and elected public officials in Negros Oriental who failed or purposely did not attend the first anti-drug summit in Negros Oriental were to be submitted to the office of the President.

“Hindi ako bata pero isusumbong ko sila ni President Rodrigo Duterte,” says NORPPO provincial director PSSupt Harris Fama, in reacting to questions as to what will happen to elected public officials who did not honor their invitation inspite of the proper notice.

In fact, the first scheduled date was even postponed to give ample time for all invited personalities to adjust their respective schedules. Fama said the first antidrug summit was so important for everybody in government to know and to be aware of the plans and programs of the Duterte administration.

The PNP provincial director can only suspect some of them maybe users, pushers or protectors of groups or individuals involved in the illegal drug trade and other illegal activities.

Fama said, if far flung barangay officials from Basay and Canlaon City were able to come , there’s no reason for elected public officials not to come because they have service vehicles. Only six mayors are present and some vice mayors, according to the list (to be supplied later).

He also laments some barangay officials who would refuse to witness in the inventory of confiscated illgal drugs in their respective barangays. Fama said refusal may mean three things, either they are afraid of reprisals from the suspects. But as public officials they are mandated by law to perform as expected of them and suspects are also aware of that, and third, they are afraid of losing votes, or that the suspects are their relatives.

Nevertheless, Fama said, he will report to higher headquarters and to the office of the President uncooperative barangay and elected public officials in the campaign against illegal drugs.

Likewise, the media’s role is important in the inventory of items confiscated during search warrants and buy bust operations as provided for in Section 21 of RA 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Drugs Law of 2002, SSupt. Fama pointed out.

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