OPLAN TOKHANG: 456 Surrenderees in Siquijor

SIQUIJOR, July 13— Not less than 456 siquijodnons voluntarily surrendered to Siquijor police stations that were suspected of using illegal drugs from July 1- 13. Through the Oplan TokHang of PNP the number of surrenderees continue increasing because they are consistently visiting houses of suspected drug personalities throughout the island of Siquijor.

According to the records of PNP, in line with their oplan TokHang, a total of 231 users who voluntarily surrendered in the whole island of Siquijor; 37 in Siquijor PS, 21 in Larena PS ; 3, in Enrique Villanueva PS; 77 in Maria PS; 19 in Lazi PS; 74 in San Juan PS.

While suspected drugs users reached a total of 52 surrenderees; Siquijor PS, 19; Larena PS, 6; Maria PS, 12; Lazi PS, 11; and San Juan PS, 4. No drug users were recorded in Enrique Villanuva.

Meanwhile, about 225 houses in 6 towns in Siquijor visited by PNP. In Siquijor PS, 40 houses; Larena PS, 48; Enrique Villanueva PS, 11; Maria PS, 46; Lazi PS, 30; and San Juan PS, 50.

On the other hand, Supt. Enrique Limbaga Belciña, Deputy Provincial Director Operations, Province of Siquijor disseminates the information to eradicate the illegal drugs that put the people at risk.

Belciña added, the operation is ongoing and after 6 hours the numbers of surrenderees are increasing.

On the other hand, according to Belciña starting today, the PNP chiefs of Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue, and Cebu City will leave for Campo Crame while the Provincial Director PS/Supt. Erson Udal Digal remains his position to continue campaigning against illegal drugs. (By Ansing Renan)

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