P20M DPWH bridge collapses; unfinished, LGU not informed

This business of national agencies like the DPWH which undertakes constructions such as the unfinished P20M bridge in Candau-ay-Cadndawinonan and which collapsed last week should be coordinated with the LGU concerned, for transparency and effective monitoring.

The Duterte principle is to cut possible corruption. DPWH must inform and coordinate with the LGUs concerned if there are congressional or national projects being constructed in towns and cities.

CITY MAYOR ELECT ATTY IPE REMOLLO cautioned the DPWH to update the city or the LGU concerned what are their on-going projects and not let it start without the LGU coordinating.

The city government planning office did not know completely about this P20- Millioin bridge in Candauay-Candawinonan until it collapsed being finished due to flash floods.

The city planning office under Leony Caro did not also fully know the 250 lot owners do not accept P300 per square meter as cost of buying the right of way. It then must be expropriated.

But how can the city expropriate if it does not know that such project is going on?

This practice breeds possible corruption unless it is fully transparent. All congressmen must now inform the LGU what are their national projects being implemented thru these national agencies.

It is to the interest of the LGUs that they should know what is going on.

One congressman was not even able to respond to media’s request about their entire projects of the year, and how much was released, and the status of each project.

In short people do not know what national projects are going on. Why ? where are the records?

Besides the bidding is thru the internet and is shielded from the public.

It is not transparent to say that it is open anytime at their website because hardly anyone bothers to open such website.

What the congressmen and national agencies should do is to make a public periodic report on the status of each national project so that transparency will be assured.

This unknown collapsed unfinished bridge worth P20Millioin should have been reported to the LGU and people who can monitor their progress and not just keep it to themselves.

BETTER STILL the new city council must pass an ordinance requiring all national agencies within the city to make a monthly report of all on-going projects in the city and LGU concerned for purposes of trasnsparency and effective monitoring.

The worse part is the collaped unfinished bridge was suspended for a year because of the right of way fiasco among 200 lot owners.

Even if finished, the people cannot pass that P20Million bridge because there is no road right of way.

This is one reform on corruption the Duterte administration must address. If malpracticed nationwide, this irregularity could sum up to millions if not billions of pesos, of project unknown to the people.

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